A plane that was traveling to LAX Airport in California from Minnesota was forced to make an abrupt landing after an overweight passenger became extremely hostile during the flight. Crew members on the plane tried to resolve the issue while the flight was taking course, but after the passenger continued to throw a temper tantrum, the captain decided that for the safety of the passengers, he would make an unscheduled landing.

The reasoning behind the hostility and frustration was 500 pound obese woman Paula Flynn, 35, and her ‘bathroom phobia.’ Flynn claimed she was to fat to fit in the toilet, but that a poor choice in her pre-flight meal caused her stomach issues.

“I ate a lot of burgers and drank a lot of coffee before the flight,” said Paula who admits to having an over eating disorder. “Looking back on this decision, I thought I would be able to wait to relive myself at my hotel in California. When we got in the air and my stomach started grumbling, I knew I really only had two options – either go in my pants, or make a scene so badly they would have to stop the flight.”

The second option worked for Paula, as the plane made an unscheduled landing in Provo, Utah. Unfortunately, as regulations have tightened on flights over the years, Paula was arrested as soon as the plane hit the ground.

Paula was charged with a number of different accounts, but to add salt to the wound, she picked up another charge while police were putting her into custody. Paula was charged with public indecency after defecating herself and removing her pants.

“I told them I was 500 pound women and I couldn’t fit in the toilet, but they didn’t listen,” said Paula. “Next time, I’ll skip the meal and try to hold it in. I’ve flown several times before this, and never had a problem.”

“We all hate pooping in public places, that’s a given,” said arresting officer Joe Goldsmith of the TSA. “This, though, is a little ridiculous. I’m sure the on flight toilets can accommodate big folk”.

The remaining passengers on Paula’s flight were stuck on the tarmac for an extra 45 minutes before the flight was cleared to continue.