Austin, Tx – The father accused of starving his five-year-old son and keeping him a prisoner in a closet says he “doesn’t know why he so skinny.

”Robert Staton, 48, has been charged with felony child endangerment after the boys older brother told cops the child was starving and kept inside a tiny closet under the stairs so that the “prostitutes his dad purchases with food stamp money won’t see him.”

In a recorded statement, Staton says he is not responsible for the boy being so skinny and doesn’t know what the older son is talking about. Staton insists that when he buys prostitutes he does not use food stamp money, rather he exchanges sex with the females and gives them a place to stay for the night.

“I think the story has gotten very twisted. I get $487 a month in food stamps and that’s definitely not enough money to pay for the amount of women I get with every month. I’m innocent. The kid just doesn’t want to eat and I can’t force him…. and he likes to play in the closet under the stairs, it reminds him of Harry Potter. What am I supposed to do, tell him he can play there?”

However, the police investigation tells a different story. With details given by the older son, police were able to verify through CCTV cameras at the nearby grocery store that Staton takes the escorts to buy food and pays with the food stamp card. Neighbors have also confirmed the activity of different women going in and out of the home in “very questionable attire.”

Staton is currently being held in the Austin county jail with no bond. Both boys have been placed temporarily with family members.