LAS VEGAS – Becky Tapper, 24, of Boulder City died at a Las Vegas car wash due to a malfunction causing extreme amounts of water to flood her vehicle.

Tapper had arrived at the self service car wash around 8 p.m. after getting off work. According to reports, Tapper was a frequent user of the car wash and had a membership there allowing her access to unlimited car washing each month. After Tapper inserted her membership card into the machine to select the type of wash she wanted, she proceeded into the car wash.

Frank Astor, 42, discovered Tapper’s vehicle in the car wash and called police. According to Astor, “I saw an Infinity just sitting in the car wash. At first I thought someone just left their vehicle there but as I got closer, I saw a lady inside with her hair floating like she was underwater. Because of all of the equipment moving around, I didn’t want to go in so I called the police.”

When EMT and Police arrived at the scene, they cut the power from the car wash and pulled Tapper’s vehicle from the car wash. Paramedics checked Tapper and determined she died at the scene.

According to Authorities:

“Ms. Tapper entered the car wash at approximately 8:06 p.m. Immediately after entering the car wash, Tapper put her vehicle into neutral and the conveyor belt slowly pulled her car through the wash. While being pulled through the wash Tapper fell asleep, forgetting to close her sunroof. As Ms. Tapper’s vehicle was being pulled by the conveyor, her vehicle stopped midway through the was. Our investigation determined there was an electrical malfunction which caused the conveyor belt to come to a halt and the preventing the water time from working,” said Detective Allison.

Authorities inspected Tapper’s vehicle and found Adderall XR, a drug commonly know for treating Narcolepsy.

Lisa Ganders, a friend of Tapper, told authorities about Tapper’s Narcolepsy. “I am so sad that Becky died, especially like this. She was always scared to be out by herself because of her Narcolepsy. She always took her medicine on time, especially when she was going home after work. I hope that her family is ok.”

Investigators obtained the computer system from the car wash to determine what caused the conveyor belt and water system to malfunction. According to Jake Burrow, a computer tech for the police department, “It appears the computer system was infected with a virus from an employee visitng xV*deos.com. The computer virus caused the operating system to malfunction, resulting in the software controlling the car wash to stop working.”

Authorities contacted the owner of the car wash to find out which employee was on shift prior to Tapper’s fatal accident. Ronald Eisen, 19, was on the earlier shift at the car wash. Investigators interview Eisen to gather details regarding his computer usage.

“I came to work at 10 a.m. My shift usually starts at 12 but I came in early because my girlfriend and I got into an argument. I wanted to have sex with her but she didn’t want to. I got frustrated and left. I called my boss to see if I could come in and he said it was okay. When I got to work, it was pretty slow so I surfed the internet to watch some funny videos. I was still horny so I decided to watch some videos on xVids. I found a couple and watched them. A wierd pop up tried to install something so I closed out the site and finished my shift. I left work at 7 p.m.,” said Eisen.

Authorities did not charge Eisen with any crime and allowed him to go. Police have not found any foul play in the death of Tapper.