Austin, Texas – Blake Warren, a 38-year-old Travis County man, hospitalized due to serious injuries after he was attacked by a pit bull.

Reportedly, the Travis County man was attempting to sexually abuse a stray dog near his home. According to witnesses, Warren, a long time resident with documented mental health issues, was seen luring a stray dog into the backyard of his home using package meat. After successfully attracting the animal into his yard, Warren used the packaged meat to distract the pit bull as he sexually assaulted it. Without giving his actions proper thought, the failed attempt to penetrate the animal when horribly wrong for Warren.


Authorities maintained control of the stray animal as Warren was being removed from the scene.

“I saw Blake from the window of my kitchen, speaking loudly to the dog, calling the dog “sexy,” said Janis Parker, a neighbor of Warren. “First of all, I couldn’t believe he was able to get the dog into his yard as peacefully as he did. But after he did, what he was doing to that poor animal is beyond imaginable. As the dog was eating some type of meat on the ground, Blake pulled down his pants and started penetrating it. All of sudden the dog violently attacked Blake, tearing off Blake’s penis. I can just hear the screams of agony from that poor disturbed guy repeating in my head. I guess the dog got a little extra meat. I had to call the police after seeing that craziness.”

Warren was immediately transported to Seton Northwest Hospital for treatment. According to reports, doctors attempted to salvage what they could of Warren’s genitals but the damage was beyond repair. After doctors attempted an extensive 6 hour surgery, they gave up and replaced it with a plastic catheter for urination. Warren remains at the hospital under mental evaluation.