LOS ANGELES – A 19 year woman from Los Angeles has been arrested in connection with selling her 3-month-old on Craigslist for a pair of OVO Air Jordan 10’s. Debra Washington, 19, of Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly selling her 3-month-old baby on Craigslist for a pair of OVO Air Jordan 10’s.

According to authorities, Washington is an avid sneaker collector but because she lost her job after giving birth, she hasn’t been able to afford her sneaker fetish. Washington lived with her boyfriend, Sean Evans, 23, of the Bay Area. Reportedly, Washington created a Craigslist posting early Saturday morning in the for sale section of the site. The Craigslist Ad featured “Semi-New Baby Car Seat For Sale, Baby Included!” with a listing price of $250. The ad was up for about 30 minutes before Washington received a message from a potential buyer. The buyer, Ruth Jacobs, contacted Washington via email about the ad. Washington quickly deleted the Craigslist posting after being contacted by Jacobs.

Washington received a response to her Craigslist Ad around 11:45 a.m. Jacobs was very interested in the car seat because it was listed for an inexpensive price. Washington responded to the Jacobs providing details about the car seat. Jacobs then questioned Washington about what she meant by “Baby Included”. Washington then asked Jacobs to meet with her at her home to discuss the details further. The buyer went to Washington’s house and the two talked about the ad. Washington told the potential buyer that she couldn’t take care of the baby anymore and didn’t want to leave the baby somewhere. Jacobs felt bad for Washington and agreed to purchase the car seat and baby. The buyer paid Washington $2000 in cash and told Washington she had nothing to worry about,” according to authorities. After the purchase was complete, Washington texted her boyfriend and told him that she got $2000 for the car seat. Evans, immediately called Washington, excited about the sale. Washington then told Evans to meet her at home so they could go to the store to purchase two pairs of OVO Air Jordan 10 sneakers. When Evans arrived at the house, he noticed the baby was missing. Evans questioned Washington about the baby’s whereabouts. Evans told Washington what she did with the baby in relation to the Craigslist ad.

“Once Evans found out what Washington had done, Evans decided to concoct a plan to help Washington keep the money and get the baby back. Evans told Washington that she could tell the police after they purchase the Jordan sneakers that the baby was taken when the buyer came to the house to buy the car seat. He then stated to Washington that the title of the Craigslist posting was an error and that is what she should tell the police. Evans also went into detail about the email messages that were exchanged between Washington and the buyer, indicating that there was nothing mentioned about Washington selling the baby so the story would be believable when questioned by the police,” according to Detective Moreno.

Evans and Washington went to purchased two pairs of OVO Air Jordan 10’s. The two also purchased a few other pairs of brand name sneakers. After the two bought the sneakers, they contacted authorities to report their baby was missing. Authorities met with Evans and Washington where both told the officers about the situation. “I went into Sole on Ice to buy some sneakers. After, I met up with someone who was interested in buying a car seat we listed on Craigslist. When we met up with the buyer, the buyer paid for the car seat but then snatched my baby from me, got in the car and left. I called my boyfriend to meet me so he could help me find my baby. That’s when we called the police to report our baby was missing,” said Washington to authorities. Authorities immediately issued an Amber Alert for the missing child. The police then asked if Washington had any contact information for the buyer she met with from Craigslist. Washington provided the phone number of the buyer to police. Police contact the buyer and proceeded to the buyers home. When police arrived at the buyers home around 2 p.m., that is when they discovered the situation was not as described by Washington.

Authorities saw the baby in the car seat purchased from Washington in the home. The authorities questioned the buyer as to where the baby came from. The buyer then indicated to police that Washington had given her the baby with the car because she was unable to continue caring for the baby. The buyer then pointed out to the police that Washington’s Craigslist posted has mentioned the baby was included. “I had no idea the person really meant a baby was included. When I asked Washington about it via email, Washington asked me to meet her at her home. When I got to Washington’s home, she told me that she couldn’t care for the baby anymore. I felt bad for her so I gave her $2000 in cash and I took the baby with her permission. I never took the baby from her without her knowledge,” said Ruth Jacobs. Jacobs was arrested for purchasing the baby illegally and will be questioned further regarding the case.

Authorities then questioned Washington and Evans, both who were at Jacobs’ home with authorities. Washington told authorities that she indeed sold her child to Jacobs to buy some sneakers she really wanted. She indicated her boyfriend was in on the scheme however, Evans quickly denied the accusations. “I knew nothing about this, I really thought our baby was taken by someone. Debbie told me she borrowed some money from a friend to get the sneakers she wanted. I don’t know anything about what she is talking about. She’s a liar and crazy to think I would agree to sell our child for some sneakers,” claimed Evans. Washington told authorities that the entire plan was made up by Evans and they he told her she wouldn’t get in trouble if she just went with the story. Evans and Washington were both arrested for endangering the welfare of a child, illegal selling of a child, and extortion.

As Washington was being arrested, she said to the police, “I just wanted those new OVO Air Jordan 10’s that just dropped. I am addicted to Jordans. I must have them and I would do anything to get them. At least I am going to jail in style.” Authorities will complete their investigation to determine everyone’s involvement in the situation. Evans and Washington are both being held without bail.