Police were called to WalMart after a security guard was assaulted and several customers complained of a bad smell following them around the aisles.

Raymond Ashley Head of security said “We approached the woman with caution and told her that there was a funny smell and it could be was coming from her v@gina … we asked her to leave the premises for health and safety reasons” … “But she did not take this lightly and started attacking us with her handbag”.

Once the police arrived it took 7 police officers 30 minutes to restrain the woman while she was shouting at the top of her voice “Leave me alone … I only wanted some shower gel”.

Key witness to the crime Raymond Black says “I kept smelling the most awful v@gina smell every time this woman walked past me … The smell was that bad that she was clearing every aisle she went down”.

The woman was arrested and taken to Houston Police Department and was charged with section 47 assault and breach of the peace. She was later released but failed to answer her bail and is currently on the run.

Urgent Appeal

This woman has been banned from all WalMart stores. If you see this woman in a store near you please ring Houston Police Department on 555-777-100.

We ask all members of the public to share this article to help catch this criminal.