The Internet is buzzing today after white supremacist president Donald Trump was caught by hotel staff snorting cocaine.

Maria Gonzalez an employee at the Folks INN & Suites Hotel in Phoenix brought room service to his room witnessed it all.

“When I walked in I saw 3 naked prostitutes and maybe 100,000 in hundred dollars bills and a mountain of white powder on the table, I thought it was a dog on the floor sleep but it was his hair piece, he was bald and sweating like crazy. I asked him where to put the food and he asked me did I wanna take a hit, I told him no but I’ll take some of that money, he called me a free loader, told me to get the f*ck out his room and go back to my country”

We reached out to Trumps campaign and he released a statement saying:

“I did not disrespect that woman she’s a god damn liar and I don’t do drugs I do business, when I get elected all hotel employees will have to be U.S. Citizens, they keep taking real American people’s jobs and that will stop, not on my watch”.