The fat ass modelling trend started in 2016 and has since gained attention world-wide with over 1 million online views on their website fat-ass.com and with a first place prize of $100,000 its no surprise that there is a 2 year back list of willing over weight models looking to bag first place.

The website fat-ass.com claim to receive 20.000 applicants every week. and with first place there is also the added bonus of a 1 year all you can eat buffet tickets to any restaurant of their choice. So who can blame the fat lot for making the most of their beautiful bodies the best way they can.

There is a fetish out there for everyone and underwear companies must be loving the overweight orders they are receiving since this trend took off !. There are also rumors about a fat version of 50 shades of grey coming to our screens very soon ! who know these days as anything is possible ?.

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