Police are calling this the strangest crime of 2017. A woman was seen on CCTV camera’s stealing pork sausages from the discount food section in Walmart. Shoppers then seen her running into the women’s toilets where she stayed for at least 20 minutes. The security staff decided to investigate and as they entered the toilets and were shocked to discover the woman was pleasuring herself with the pork sausages.

Duncan Stewart head of security said ” I could not believe what I was seeing … When I asked her to stop what she was doing she just looked me straight in the eyes and continued to victimize the stolen sausages”

“Due to the fact she was a Big-Girl we decided it was best we ring the police to deal with this matter”. It took 4 Police officers around 35 minutes to restrain the woman who was shouting at the top of her voice” Leave me alone.. I can do what I want in private”.

She was arrested and charged with shoplifting and indecent exposure. She was later released on bail but failed to show up to court and now there is a warrant out for her arrest.

Walmart spokesman Barry Cartwright said ”It is against Walmart policy to take any items of property into the toilets for personal or private use. We take this very seriously and have banned this woman from all Walmart stores in the country”.

Urgent Appeal.

Due to the nature of this event we ask all members of the public to share this article and keep an eye out for this woman in shopping stores near you!