New “Child Support Card” CONTROLS What Mothers Spend Money On

UNITED STATES – The state of Delaware has recently brought about a new way to disperse child support funds through a child support card.

This new experiment is similar to the Food Stamp card, This measure was taken to prevent parents from misusing funds that are meant to help with costs associated with raising children, such as school related expenses, food, etc.

This card will not be allow the parent to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or pay car payments the card will be used exactly like a food stamp card.

We spoke to Tasha Brown who was upset after she couldn’t purchase a bottle of Hennessy at her local liquor store. she says “Its’ unfair its my money I should be able t do what i want with it how will I pay for my new weave?”

If the program goes as planned in Delaware congress might extended the program nationwide making it the universal way to control what parents do with their child support money.