LOS ANGELES – Francis O’Keefe paid a woman $1,000.000 for her virginity however the encounter did not last as long as he may have anticipated.

“He said he prepared for this moment by drinking a case of red bull. The next thing I know, about a minute passed and everything was over.” – Luana

California app developer Francis O’Keefe bought Brazilian model, Luana Gordez’s virginity for a shocking $1,000.000 in an online auction.

After winning the auction, O’Keefe couldn’t wait to make claim on his purchase. According to reports, O’Keefe purchased two cases of Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks from a local grocery store in preparation of meeting with Gordez.

“I told him it was tight, but he said he will break down all the walls. I offered him a second round for free but he was knocked out like a baby. He slept for about 10 hours before I decided to leave. I didn’t want to wait anymore and I had to meet up with my boyfriend so we could go shopping,” said Gordez.

O’Keefe is filing a lawsuit for a refund claiming he was temporarily insane but after “busting a nut” he came back to his senses.

O’Keefe released a statement saying:

“I honestly thought I was in the wrong hole at first, I mean I never knew a woman was so tight. I thought all of those energy drinks would keep my stamina up but that Brazilian got some good stuff. I passed out after pulling out. I was out of my mind for making such a decision and I think any many would understand my position.”